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The best chat lines for single men and women.

Single Men and Women look for a different thrill every day. Regardless of whether you want fun, late-night sexy conversations or if you are looking for a relationship, Chat Lines for singles is all you need to meet your ambition. Single men and women from all over the world are present in the Chat Lines featured on this page. All the singles in these chat lines are after extremely kinky and stimulating conversations. So, we have compiled a list of the five most-used chat lines for you to choose. If you are thrilled to chat with fellow single people, then you are in the right place.

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888 602-0505

  • MyMobileLine
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How Do Singles Chat Lines Work?

The chat lines below work like any other chat line, here is how

Dial the number provided under each chat line

Record a descriptive greeting message

Listen to other greeting messages and connect

Top 5 Chat Line Numbers For Singles

We have a list of the five most notable chat lines for single men and women. Each chat line is tailored to meet the needs of diverse singles around the US. Each of the singles, Chat Lines offer a free trial. What’s great about this offer is that you have the freedom to check out each Chat Line before settling on the one that suits you best. You do not even have to spend money while doing that. All you need to do is record a personalized message, listen to the introduction of other singles, get familiar with the rules, and start chatting. It’s that easy. Here is what you need to know to use these Chat lines.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

MyMobileLine is the most significant chat line available with us that interests all kinds of singles. MyMobileLine users will get an hour for free to use its services. Through this Chat Line, you can flirt, talk, and connect with sexy singles any time you want. MyMobileLine does not concern itself with real-life meetups or romance here; users mainly focus on phone sex, flirting, and sharing their hot fantasies. If you are the type of single person who is after having fun without committing, MyMobileLine is the best option you have.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

NightConnect is a dream come true for erotica lovers. Single people at this chat line do not mince their words when it comes to having wild and exotic conversations. NightConnect users take phone sex to the extreme level; they mostly have a thing for role-playing and dirty talk. If you are a single conservative person, you better brace yourself for mind-blowing naughty conversations. If you believe that the NightConnect community is the chat line you prefer, then you can dial our number and get on with your adventure.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

This chat line was designed with single African Americans in mind. It promotes black culture and has single people from all over the world. YummyVibe is not only a fan-favorite chat line known for its success in matchmaking African Americans, but it also keeps their conversations private. Even if you are not an African American, you do not need to worry; this chat line gives a warm & welcoming reception to every user. If you want to meet a sexy black woman or a hot and handsome black man, YummyVibe is what you need to have.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

We all know about the beauty of Hispanic people. LatinoVoices gives you the opportunity of chatting with hot & sexy single hombre and mujer. LatinoVoices is the new way to phone chat with Latin American singles. Our chat line appreciates the Latino culture, but it welcomes single people from all races. LatinoVoices has single people from all across the globe, specifically from South America. Here, some of the members are interested in romance while others look forward to have a good time. When you listen to other's introductions, you will realize that they love the Latino culture. It is crucial to give a hint of your background even if you are not from the Latino community. It would let others know about your beautiful personality.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

PrideLine founders had the male gender in mind when they came up with the chat line for singles. PrideLine was founded for bisexual and gay single men. The chat line behaves like an open community for male sexuality. Through this Chat Line, guys can freely talk about their intimate issues. Furthermore, the website can be easily navigated and has plenty of valuable information for singles looking to find their perfect match. So, if you are single and if you are searching for some gay love, then PrideLine can be your wingman tonight.

Ready? Singles are waiting in the chat rooms.

Featured Chat Line

MyMobileLine- 30 Minutes Free Trial

How do Chat Lines for Singles Work?

Choose Your Preferred Chat Line for Singles

Firstly, you should dial a number provided by a Chat Line. If you are not sure which chat line suits you the best, you can go through every chat line that we have for free. Make use of the free trials that we provide and figure out which chat line suits you the best.

Record your Introduction

You should record a personalized message for every chat line. This works as your introduction. You should include your tastes and preferences and be upfront with what you want. If you are looking for a single gay partner, then say so. Be clear and avoid making your introduction message monotonous. Make sure your introduction is engaging and leaves a lasting impression.

Start listening to Others Introductions

After you are done recording your introduction, take your time. Go through other single user's messages. Then determine which one intrigues your interest. Keep in mind that listening to these messages is essential because they tell you about what a particular chat line offers. So, listen to as many introductions as you can.

Now you can start to chat with Other Singles

After you find your perfect introduction, start contacting the users to explore the dating options. Keep in mind that the other singles are just like you; they use these chat lines for the same reason as you do. So, avoid holding yourself back and have the best chat line experience ever.

What next after free trials?

After consuming the free chatting minutes provided by a chat line, do not sweat over the fact that your adventure is over. You can continue using your preferred chat line for single men and women by simply signing up. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with their policies, and you are good to go. If you feel that any of these chat lines are complicated, or if you have any issues regarding any of the chat lines, then you can contact us; we will be happy to help.