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Are you ready for a spicy and dirty and erotic phone chat experience?

African-American people from across the U.S. flock our chat lines, eagerly waiting for a call from you. We have 5 of the most trending Chat Lines for black singles on Here, our members are looking for some sexy times and cheesy fun. If you like to start talking to a lot of fabulous people from the African American community, you are most definitely at the right place.

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888 602-0505

  • MyMobileLine
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How Do Chat Lines for Black Singles Work?

The chat lines below work like any other chat line, here is how

Dial the number provided under each chat line

Record a descriptive greeting message

Listen to other greeting messages and connect

The TOP 5 Chat Lines for Black Singles

We have a list of the five most prominent chat lines for singles who belong to the African-American community & who want a sexy & delightful conversation. Each chat line offers an enormous number of people with who you can have an enjoyable chat. Free trial periods are also available, this means that you can try all five of our chat lines without paying any money. It's all rather simple. So, if you are African American, then please have a look at what we have to offer.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

MyMobileLine encourages romantic meetings. People expect the most from this Chat Line. You can have pleasure with people from all sorts of backgrounds in this Chat Line. Here, many people are not afraid to talk about their likes and dislikes. MyMobileLine also has a small amount of people from the black community. So, MyMobileLine can be a great option for you.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

As the name suggests, NightConnect is a chat line for people who are interested in wild and saucy conversations. Here, users know what they want, and they are ready to have erotic phone conversations. If you’re the kind of individual who likes to have an exotic Chat or talk dirty, then NightConnect is the perfect choice for you. Aside from the fact that it is wild, this chat line also has a moderately sizeable black community. Here, some people are also interested in meetups, but they will need to be convinced before they agree to anything.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

YummyVibe is a chat line which is specifically for black or African-American people, and offers a huge amount of users for you to chat. If you’re haven’t used YummyVibe, then don’t be afraid. Put your personality at the forefront of your introductory message or greeting. The YummyVibe community is all about combining blackness and romantic fun. So, if you are black & single then start calling this Chat Line right now. You’ll have the time of your life and maybe you’ll find your soul-mate along the way.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

LatinoVoices is a chat line specially made for Latinos, but it caters to a few black and African-Latino members as well as African- Americans. In spite of the ethnic-specific user base it has, LatinoVoices is a pleasant platform and is home to various communities. LatinoVoices also features an extremely secure system. So, you can discuss all sorts of sexy fantasies. You do not have to worry about your private information getting out. So, if you’re interested in a little Latin sexting, then LatinoVoices is the perfect Chat Line for you.


  • 30 Minutes Free trial
  • Secure & Private

PrideLine is a chat line that was created to cater gays and bisexual men. PrideLine has many gay-specific Chat Lines and a considerably large amount of people from the black or Afro- American community. Many People from this community use this Chat Line to find fellow black men black gay men. The chat line offer great opportunity as well as a large community for people to have an interaction with fellow gay black men. So, if you’re a gay black man looking to indulge in a saucy romance then PrideLine this will suit your needs.

Ready? Singles are waiting in the chat rooms.

Featured Chat Line

MyMobileLine- 30 Minutes Free Trial

How do Chat Lines for Black Singles Work?

Choose Your Preferred Chat Line for Black people

Firstly, select a chat line and then call the number that it shows. Don’t worry, these chat lines are initially free, this means that you can enjoy the first few minutes of your calls for free. Please explore each chat line offered by us by listening to what other users are saying. If you don’t like what you heard, keep looking till you find the right Chat Line to suit your needs.

Record Your Introduction

If you like a specific chat line, record an introductory message for it. This greeting or message should include all your romantic and sexual needs. It should also inculcate the stuff that you appreciate and the stuff that you don’t prefer. Also, include your specific tastes or preferences and include that information into your introduction. This way, people who hear it will know everything about you. If you don’t know how to create an introductory message, listen to the ones created by other users. This way, you’ll know about how to create your greetings efficiently.

Start listening to other Introductory Messages

After finishing recording your introductory message, listen to the introductions or greetings of other users in the chat line. Choose a greeting that you like and then make a list of your potential chat partners. Make your free trial period helpful. During the trial, you can pick the greetings randomly to get a feel of the chat line you’re on. This way, you’ll get a good idea about what each Chat Line has to offer. Then you look forward to have a great time.

Now, you can start to chat with other Blacks

After you have made a list of users that you find fascinating, start calling them. Remember that people are looking for the same things as you. They also want to have pleasure and a stimulating conversation. A Chat Line platform is where you can relax & have a good time, so don’t be afraid to be kinky. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, don’t be hesitant to ask people if they would love to meet up with you in real life.

What’s next after free trials?

After exhausting the free chatting minutes provided by a chat line, you can continue to chat by making an account with your preferred chat line service. If you are eager to know more on this topic, then you can browse through each chat line’s website and have a look at what they have to say. Each chat line has its own set of charges & policies. Just read the information give to you as thoroughly as possible. Only after you become familiar with their terms and conditions, you should go ahead and set up your account with us.